Dedicated pieces


Introspective Blues #1 for flute and harp (2016)

Try it On! Theme and four Variations for flute, piccolo, alto and bass (2016)

ANTONIOU Theodore (Greece/USA)

Moto Perpetuo for flute solo (2002)

8th Psalm for mezzo-soprano and 6 musicians (2003)

Elegeion for flute and piano (2010)

ATHANASSOULAS Stamatis (Greece)

Etude for Iwona for alto flute (2002)


Vol d'oiseau Nocturne for solo piccolo (2015)

CEBIC Dario (Croatia)

Vision for flute solo (2015)

CHEUNG Alissa (Canada)

Erinyes for flute solo (2012)

CARASTATHIS Aris (Greece/Canada)

Tweet for solo flute and video (2012)

Starganze for solo alto flute and video (2016)


A little song for flute solo of for flute and string quartet (2002)

Piccolo Concerto "Assemblages" for piccolo, 2 flutes and strings (2004)

Celestial Musings for flute solo (2006)

Trio No.4 for flute, clarinet in Bb and piano (2010)

CZAPLOWSKI Piotr (Australia)

Sonata for flute solo (2005)

ERBER James (UK)

Four aspects of Euridice for flute and alto flute solo (2014)

"...morality is nothing if it is merely a form of good behaviour" for flute solo (2015)

FOURNARAKIS Panagiotis (Greece)

Iliostalagma for flute solo (2000)

Ran Reb for flute solo (1995)

FRIZZO Carlo Vicetti (USA)

Sfogato for flute solo (2002)

GEORGIADIS Alexandros (Greece)

Angst for flute solo (2011)


Birds of Paradise for Solo Flute, Op. 38 (2016-18)

GŁOWSKI Eugeniusz (Poland)

A little fantasy for flute solo (1994)

GRELLA-MOŻEJKO Piotr (Canada/Poland)

...a Portmanteau of Shaddowes and Chimeras... per flauto grande amplificato (2005)

Princess of Athens per suoni generati elettronicamente e flauto grande amplificato (2011) 

Struna srebra for piccolo and changing delay (2011)

Kinneret per flauto alto e vibrafono (1999/2012)

...avant la nuit... for flute and piano (2012)

IWONAriette for solo flute  (2012)

Queen of Patras for bass flute, live electronics & computer soundtrack (2012)

Empress of Piraeus  for alto flute, live electronics & computer soundtrack (2012)

HANSSON Mats O (Sweden)

Monologue I for flute solo (2015)

HARIZANOS Nikos (Greece)

November for flute solo (2004)


A Fancy for Iwonka's Bass Flute (2005)

Palinode for flute and tape (2006)

A Toy for solo flute and many flutes (2012)

KALOGERAS Alexandros (USA)

Pictures in white for flute and vibraphone (2013)

KANARIS Leonidas (Greece)

Orestes for solo alto flute (2007)

KARATHODOROS Theodore (Greece)

Byzantinum for flute solo (2004)


Temple for solo flute (2014)

KOHLER Anicia (Switzerland)

the humming-bird is lying for flute solo (2015)

KONITOPOULOS Iakovos (Greece)

Skolion for flute solo (2006)

Sea’s nocturnes for flute and piano (2011)

KONTOGIANNIS Dimitri (Greece)

Moments I for flute solo (1995)

Moments II for flute solo (1996)

KOUVARAS Giorgos (Greece)

"bit for flute" for solo flute


Projection for flute solo (2002)

LORENZ Rolf Thomas (Germany)

Capriccio for flute and piano (2013)


Slink for flute solo (2016)

MAZIS Spyros (Greece)

Ioulos for flute solo (1990)

MELISSARI Chrysa (Greece)

Fantasia Iwona's for flute solo(2005)

MIKROUTSIKOS Thanos (Greece)

A music story for a poor but brave girl for flute solo (2004)

A World without Travelers for flute(s) and narrator (2007)

MORIN J Robert (Canada)

Waiting for tape and flute (2010)

MOURA Nuno (Portugal)

Solo for flute solo (2015)

MOUZAS Alexandros (Greece)

Ad Lumina for flute solo (2002)

OULKEROGLOU Stathis (Greece)

Panas for flute and piano (2011)

PALEJ Norbert (Canada/Poland)

Doibt On Doubter for flute solo (2015)

PAPAMITROU George (Greece)

Plan Bb for flute solo (2015)

PAPARI Helen (Greece)

Mirrors for flute solo (2013)

Northern star for alto flute solo (2016)

PARASKEVAS Apostolos (Greece/USA)

Till death do us part for flute solo (2011)

PETROPOULOS Athanasios (Greece)

 Seduction of the moon for flute solo (2013)

POLACZYK Jakub (Poland)

Glinkon Center for alto flute and taping (2015)


Sensuality for flute solo (2015)

SAUTER Louis (France)

Trois miniatures pour flûte Op.69 (2016)

SCLAFANI Francesco (USA)

Flamevine for alto flute solo (2015)


Entwirrung for solo flute (2013)

SOLARE Juan Maria (Argentina)

Interfecundacion for solo alto flute

SOUZA Jose Jesus de Azevdo (Portugal)

Reflection for solo bass flute (2016)

STATHEROU Stamatia (Greece)

Fleeing moment for solo flute (2015)

SYKIAS Dimitri (Greece)

L'ouvre Au Noir for mezzo soprano and eight flutes (2012)

Concertino I for solo flute, string orchestra and timpani (2012)

Selana for flute solo (1992)

Antigone for flute solo (1994)

Concertino for flute and string orchestra (1996)

...and the seventh day He rested... for piccolo and marimba (1998)

Flute Sonata (2001)

VT  for flute and string orchestra (2002)

Sonata for flute(s) and piano (2007)

far into... for flute solo (2009)

It from Bit for amplified flute & six pre-recorded flutes(2009)

Sonata for flute(s) and piano (2007)

L'ouvre au Noir for mezzo soprano and eight flutes (2013)

THEMELIS Dimitri (Greece)

Fantasia for flute solo (2005)

Miniature for flute solo (2016)

THEODOSIOU Panagiotis (Greece)

Little Jazz Piece for Iwona (One minute ) for flute solo (2016)

TIUTIUNNIK Katia (Australia)

Una Notte Sacra for bass flute solo (2006/2015)

TRAVLOS Michail (Greece)

The Castle of Kwidzyn for solo alto flute (2013)

Extravaganza for flute and piano (2014)

2 Light Happenings Sunrise - Sunset for flute and string orchestra (2014)

Double Concerto for Flute and Piano, percussion and string orchestra (2014)

GBR for flute and vibraphone (2015)

2 Forest arias for solo piccolo and solo bass flute (2015) 

Quadruple Concerto for four flutes (piccolo, flute, alto, bass) and strings (2015)

GBR for flute and harp (2016)

Flute Concerto (2016)

Clown for flute solo (2016)

Cats of the wilderness for flute and harpsichord (2016)

Θαλασσινές Μπαλάντες (Sea Ballads) version for contralto, flute  and piano (2016) 

3 happenings for flute, violin, cello and piano (2016)

Duetti version for flute and harpsichord  (2016) 

Αφιέρωση (Dedication) version for flute and bassoon (1999 rev.2017) 

5 Night Scenes (1. Midnight Clock, 2. Midnight Express, 3. Midnight Factory, 4. Midnight Landscape, 5 Midgnight Church) for flute, clarinet (bass) and vibraphone (2017) 

7 Short Narrations for flute and piano (2017)

TSIMPANOS Dimitris (Greece)

1 Minute for flute solo (2017)

TZORTZIS Nicolas (Greece)

Sama for flute solo (2003)

VASMARIS Dimitris (Greece) 

Verbatim for flute solo (2013)


Prosody for flute solo (2016)

one minute Prosody for flute solo (2017)

WESTERLINCK Wilfried (Belgium)

Aquarel III for solo alto flute (2012)


Graviy for flute solo (2015)

WICKS Christopher M. (USA)

Lament for the Innocents for solo piccolo (2015)

WILKS Kenneth (USA)

Clouded Memories for flute solo (2002)

ZERVAS Athanasios (Greece)

Goldinsilv for flute solo (2002)

Two Episodes for flute solo (2002)

Rain Euphoria for flute(s) and tape (2003)