Complete list of works


Ο Φάρος chamber opera in one act. Libretto by Marieli Sfakianaki (1985) 


Ulesses Adventures for orchestra (1985) 


Klepsydra for orchestra (1976)

Eniwetock for orchestra (1979)

Πρίσμα (Prisma) for orchestra (1979–1980)

The Old Tower for orchestra (1990)

Fields of Mindanao small orchestral piece for orchestra (1996)

A Christmas Fugue for string orchestra (1997)

Fluido for string orchestra (1999)

Seven Parodies for cello, percussion and plucked string orchestra (2001)

Symfonia Retro for orchestra (2002)

Paradox Suite for plucked orchestra (2002)

Landscapes of Oblivion for orchestra (2012)

4 Fairy Tales version for chamber orchestra (2013)

Nuages Lointains version for plucked string orchestra (2013)


Θαλασσινές Μπαλάντες (Sea Ballads), words by Nikos Kavadias, for voice, alto flute, bass clarinet, timpani, percussion - 2 players, piano, violin, cello (1987) 

Ouvertura Romantica Contemporanea
 for choir and orchestra (1996) 

Τέσσερα Τραγούδια (4 songs), words by Ilias Georgakis, Tasos Sideris, Eleni Tzeveleki and Angelos Sikelianosforfemale voice and plucked string orchestra (2000)

Nuages Lointains for female choir and plucked string orchestra (2002)


Concerto for oboe, piano and string orchestra with percussion (1986) 

Concerto for cello and orchestra (1991) 

Concerto for two pianos and orchestra (1994–1995) 

Concerto for piano and orchestra (2010) 

Two concerti: a) Quasi Flamenco, b) Quasi Ostinato for guitar and orchestra (2001) 

7 Jazz and Dance Parodies for solo cello, plucked string orchestra and percussion (2001)

Fading Memories - Concertante for solo guitar, plucked string orchestra and percussion (2003) 

2 Light Happenings Sunrise - Sunset for flute and string orchestra (2014)

Double Concerto for Flute and Piano,  percussion and string orchestra (2014)

Concerto for flute and orchestra (2015)

Quadruple Concerto for four flutes (piccolo, flute, alto, bass) and strings (2015)

Triple Concerto for violin, harp, vibraphone(+Xylophone) and orchestra (2016)


Quartet for flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon (1975) 

Rückkehr for 4 cellos (1975) 

Semitones for alto flute, oboe, English horn, harp, percussion and 2 cellos (1976) 

Metathesis for string quartet (1977) 

Seven Happenings for 8 players for flute, oboe, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, and percussion - 2 players (1977) 

Modus 3 for clarinet, piano and cello (1978) 

Events for flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, trumpet, percussion, piano, violin, viola and cello (1978) 

Folk Music Ouverture for flute, oboe, clarinet, piano, percussion - 2 players and string quintet (can be double) (1985) 

Απόηχοι for oboe, bassoon, percussion, piano violin and cello (1987) 

Variations for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano (1988) 

Proportions for violoncello and piano (1989) 

Extravaganza for oboe and piano (1989) 

Variations for flute, clarinet, violin, viola,  cello, percussion and piano (1989) 

Θαλασσινές Μπαλάντες (Sea Ballads) version for cello and piano (1990) 

Θαλασσινές Μπαλάντες (Sea Ballads) version for alto flute and piano (1990) 

Θαλασσινές Μπαλάντες (Sea Ballads) 
version for english horn and piano (1990) 

Επαφές (Contacts) 
for 2 pianos (1991) 

The garden of miracles for flute, bassoon, horn, percussion – 2 players and piano (1993) 

Trio for violin, violoncello and piano (1996) 

Duetti for flute and guitar (1996) 

Paradox Suite for 2 guitars (1997) 

The City for violin, cello and piano (1997) 

Cellisimo 9 pieces for cello and piano (1999) 

Αφιέρωση (Dedication) for violin and cello (1999) 

Black Red for alto flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello and piano (2003) 

Three Moods for oboe (english horn) and string trio (2005) 

Petite Suite by Yannis Constantinideis
 for 4 cellos (2005) 

Duetti version for flute and piano (2013) 

Three Moods version for flute (alto flute) and string trio (2013) 

7  short pieces for oboe, clarinet and basoon (2013) 

7  short pieces version for string quartet (2013) 

7  short pieces version for flute, alto flute and bass flute (2013) 

7  short pieces version for flute quartet (2014) 

7  short pieces version for flute, clarinet, oboe and bassoon (2014) 

Extravaganza version for flute and piano (2014)

GBR for flute and vibraphone (2015)

GBR for flute and harp (2016)

Duetti version for flute and harpsichord  (2016) 

3 happenings for flute, violin, cello and piano (2016)

Θαλασσινές Μπαλάντες (Sea Ballads) version for contralto, flute  and piano (2016) 

Cats of the wilderness for flute and harpsichord (2016)

Homophony & Heterophony for two flutes (2017)

Αφιέρωση (Dedication) version for flute and bassoon (1999 rev.2017) 

5  Night Scenes (1. Midnight Clock, 2. Midnight Express, 3. Midnight Factory, 4. Midnight Landscape, 5 Midgnight Church) for flute, clarinet (bass) and vibraphone (2017)

7  Short narrations for flute and piano (2017)


Κεριά (Candles), words by Constantine P. Cavafy for female choir (1984) 

Μαριάννα (Marianna), words by Maria Polidori for children choir (1984) 

Οι Ψυχές των Γερόντων (Old mens' Souls), words by Constantine P. Cavafy for choir (1986) 

Όνειρο (Dream), words by Maria Polidori for choir (1986) 

Μαύρη και γαλάζια νύχτα (Black and blue night),
 words by Yiannis Ritsos for choir (1993) 

Ex, Η Ομορφιά (The Beauty), 
words by Yiannis Ritsos for female choir (1993) 

Ψιλά Ψιλά, words by Yiannis Ritsos for male choir (1993) 

Τρία χορωδιακά πάνω σε παραδοσιακές μελωδίες (Three choral pieces upon traditional melodies) (1999) 

Ένα χορωδιακό πάνω σε παραδοσιακές μελωδίες (One choral piece upon traditional melodies) for female choir (1999) 

Ένα χορωδιακό πάνω σε παραδοσιακές μελωδίες (One choral piece upon traditional melodies) for male choir (1999) 


Πέντε μικρά πρελούδια για πιάνο (Five small preludes for piano) (1972) 

Aria for solo violin (1982) 

Motivic Variations for solo cello (1983) 

 for solo oboe (1983) 

Progressions 2 for solo guitar (1986) 

Σπουδή (Etude) for solo guitar (1986) 

Two part fugue
 for solo piano (1986) 

Three part fugue for solo piano (1987) 

Μινιατούρα (Miniature) for solo piano (1988) 

Rondo de la nuit for solo piano (1990) 

Seven Studies for solo piano (1996) 

Christmas Fugue for solo piano (1998) 

Τρείς μικρές εικόνες (Three little pictures) for solo guitar (2002) 

3 Forest arias
 for solo flute (2003) 

version  for solo flute (2007) 

Liebes Traum by Franz Liszt another point of view 
for solo piano (2010) 

The Castle of Kwidzyn for solo alto flute (2013) 

2 Forest arias for solo piccolo and solo bass flute (2015) 

Clown for flute solo (2016)

Five Birds of the Wild Forest for solo flute (2016)

In memoriam Beethoven for solo piano (2017)

21 Advanced  Studies for solo piano (2018)

5 Short Modern Jazz Studies for young pianists (2018)


Ethnik Matter for electronic, amplified cello and chamber ensemble (2007) 

Iris for electronics music for video art by Martin Andree (2008) 

Metamorphoses for electronics and video art by composer (2012) 

The Castle of Kwidzyn version for alto flute, electronics and video art by composer (2013) 

3 Forest arias version for flute (alto flute), electronics and video art by composer (2013)