ADAM Sotiria (Greece)
Crystalos for flute and electronic sounds / Athens, Greece (2008)

ADAMIS Michalis (Greece)
En trisin for flute, oboe and clarinet / Athens, Greece (2004)
Glaros II for flute and tape / Athens, Greece (2008)

Introspective Blues #1 for flute and harp San Diego, USA, (2016)
Variations on Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry for solo flute and alto flute Los Angeles, USA, (2016)

ANASTASIOU Christos (Greece)
Stochasmos for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2015)
Makron for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2016)

ANDREOU Maria (Greece)
Aeriko-Aeriko for alto flute solo / Athens, Greece (2009)

Harama for flute and piano / Agrinio, Greece (2000)
Variations for flute, clarinet and piano / Agrinio, Greece (2003)

ANTONIOU Theodore (USA/Greece)
Recitativo for flute solo / Athens, Greece (1996)
Moto Perpetuo for flute solo / Louisiana State University Baton Rouge (LSU), USA (2002)
Kirithres for baritone-narrator, flute(s), piano, viola and cello / Athens, Greece (2010)
Elegeion for flute(s) and piano / Athens, Greece (2010)
Lament for Lukas for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2014)

ARCHONTIDES Michalis (Greece)
Flute(s) solos / Athens, Greece (2006)

ATHANASSOULAS Stamatis (Greece)
Etude for Iwona / LSU, USA (2002)

BAGINSKI Zbigniew (Poland)
Solo VI for flute / Thunder Bay, Canada (2015)

BORKOWSKI Marian(Poland)
Vox na dowolny instrument dęty / Sopot, Poland (2014)

Tweet for solo flute and video / Athens, Greece (2012)

CHYRZYNSKI Marcel (Poland)
Quasi Kwazi III for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2016)

A little song for flute solo or for flute and string quartet / LSU, USA (2002)
Piccolo Concerto "Assemblages" for piccolo, two flutes and strings / LSU, USA (2004)
Celestial Musings for flute solo / Madison, USA (2006)
Threnos of Creon for flute and strings  / Lacko, Poland (2016)

Beasts in the Window for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2002)

CZAPLOWSKI Piotr (Australia)
Sonata for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2006)
Buwarri for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2012)

DARAMARAS Vassilis (Greece)
Fantasy for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2006)
Episode for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2006)

DIAMANTOPOULOS Kornilios (Greece)
Contrazione Perpetua for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2006)

DRELAS Nikos (Greece)
Paian for solo flute / Athens, Greece (2012)

EMFIEGIS Gregory (Greece)
Grace Note's story for flute solo / Kalavryta, Greece (2004)

ERBER James (UK)
Four aspects of Euridice for solo flute and alto flute / Athens, Greece (2015)

FRIZZO Carlo Vincetti (USA)
Sfogato for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2002)

FOURANARAKIS Panagiotis (Greece)
Ran Reb for flute solo / Heraklion, Greece (2002)
Iliostalagma for flute solo / Heraklion, Greece (2002)

GEORGIADIS Alexandros (Greece)
Angst for solo flute / Athens, Greece (2012)

Birds of paradise op 38 for solo flute / Lacko, Poland (2016)

GLOWSKI Eugeniusz (Poland)
A little fantasy for flute solo / Gdansk Academy of Music, Poland (1994)

...a Portmanteau of Shaddowes and Chimeras... per flauto solo / Athens, Greece (2006)
Princess of Athens per suoni generati elettronicamente e flauto solo / Athens, Greece (2011)
Sommernachtslied version for flute in C / Athens, Greece (2012)
IWONAriette for solo flute / Argostoli, Greece (2012)
Struna srebra for piccolo solo / Athens, Greece (2012)
Kinneret for flute and piano / Athens, Greece (2012)
Empress of Piraeus  for alto flute, live electronics & computer soundtrack / Edmonton, Canada (2012)

GYFTAKIS Stathis (Greece)
Three rhythm exercises for flute and piano/ Athens, Greece (2001)
Variations for flute and piano / Athens, Greece (2007)

Song of the Uguisu for flute solo/ Athens, Greece (2002)

HALNARIDIS Christos (Greece)
Piece for flute solo / Kalavryta, Greece (2004)

Ney for flute solo/ Athens, Greece (1998)
Tinella for suravli/ Olympia, Greece (2000)
A Fancy for Iwonka's Bass Flute / Athens, Greece (2006)
Palinode for flute and electronic background / Athens, Greece (2008)
O Peteinos for flute and narrator / Athens and Patra (2010)
A Toy for solo flute and many flutes /Athens, Greece (2013)

Moments for mezzo, flute and piano /Boston University, USA (2011)

They’re Green for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2002)

JABLONSKI Maciej (Poland)
Horoscopes for flute, cello and piano / Cracow, Poland (2016)

KALKANIS Eleftherios (Greece)
Orpheus Narration for flute(s) / LSU, USA (2002)

KALOGERAS Alexandros (USA)
Pictures in white for flute and vibraphone / Athens, Greece (2014)

KANARIS Leonidas (Greece)
Orestes for alto flute / Athens, Greece (2012)

KARATHODOROS Theodore (Greece)
Byzantinum for flute solo / Kalavryta, Greece (2004)

KARSKI Dominik (Australia/Poland)
Iphigenia for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2012)

Temple for solo flute / Athens, Greece (2015)

KOKKORIS Evangelos (Greece)
Oneira kai sygrousis for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2005)

KONITOPOULOS Iakovos (Greece)
Skolion for flute solo / Athens, Greece (1998)
Sea’s nocturnes for  flute and piano/ Athens, Greece (2012)

KONTOGIANNIS Dimitris (Greece)
Moments for flute solo / Thessalonica, Greece (1996)
Moments II for flute solo / Lamia, Greece (2011)

KOSSONA Fanny (Greece)
Four Studies for the Four Seasons for four flutes / Instabul, Turkey (2005)

KOSTOPOULOS Dimitris (Greece)
Games of Light for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2016)

KTENAS Serafeim (Greece)
Anadromes for flute and piano/ Athens, Greece (2012)

LeDEE Mikel (USA)
Shadow casting for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2002)

Projection for flute solo / Boston University, USA (2002)

LORENZ Rolf Thomas (Germany)
Capriccio for flute and piano / Athens, Greece (2013)

MAZIS Spiros (Greece)
Ioulos for solo flute / Athens, Greece (2012)

MELISSIS Sotiris (USA/Greece)
Eirmos for flute solo/ Piraeus, Greece (1997)

MESSINIS Michalis (Greece)
Miniature for solo flute / Athens, Greece (2005)

MIKROUTSIKOS Thanos (Greece)
A Music Story for a flutist for solo flute / Athens, Greece (2014)
A world without travellers for flute and narrator / Athens, Greece (2014)

MINAKAKIS Dimitris (Greece)
Metaplaseis for solo flute / Athens, Greece (1998)

MOSCHOS Kostas (Greece)
Et in terra pax for flute and live electronics / Athens, Greece (2005)

MOUZAS Alexandros (Greece)
Ad Lumina flute solo / LSU, USA (2002)
Handshake No.1 for flute duo / Athens, Greece (2006)
Inner Lines for flute solo / Madison, USA (2006)

OULKEROGLOU Stathis (Greece)
Panas  for  flute and piano/ Athens, Greece (2012)

PALEJ Norbert (Canada/Poland)
Doibt On Doubter for flute solo / Toronto, Canada (2015)

Darkness for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2002)
Metamorphosis of Alcyone for flute quartet / Athens, Greece (2013)
Along the Cygnus Wall  for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2016)

Trio for flute, cello and piano/ Athens, Greece (2001)

PAPADOPOULOS Foivos (Greece)
Prelude and miniature for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2005)

PAPAMITROU George (Greece)
Plan Bb for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2016)

PAPARI Helen (Greece)
Mirrors for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2014)
Breeze for flute trio / Athens, Greece (2014)

PARASKEVAS Apostolos (USA/Greece)
Till death do us part for flute solo/ Athens, Greece (2012)

PARIANOS Dimitris (Greece)
Duo for flute and clarinet / Athens, Greece (2005)

PAVLAKI Athina (Greece)
Τhe destiny of the soul for flute and piano / Athens, Greece (2015)
Lament  for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2016)
Three miniatures for flute(s) solo / Athens, Greece (2016)

Duet for two flutes / Athens, Greece (2006)
Duet for flute and cello / Athens, Greece (2006)

PETROPOULOS Athanasios (Greece)
Seduction  of the moon for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2013)

PLATANOU Harampos (Greece)
Fantasias for flute and piano / Athens, Greece (2016)
Nice Aegean Sea  for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2016)

POLACZYK Jakub (Poland)
Glinkon Center for alto flute and taping / LSU, USA (2015)

Pink Magic (Songs of Sappho) for flute and string trio / Cracow, Poland (2016)

Sgraffito for flute solo / Sopot, Poland (2014)

ROGALA Jacek (Poland)
La Danza del Brujo for alto flute solo / Athens, Greece (2016)

REINER Thomas (Australia/Germany)
Dust for soprano, flute and piano / Athens, Greece (2013)

SAKELLARIDES Leonidas (Greece)
Six Monoloques for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2009)

SAKKELIOU Petros (Greece)
Three parts for flute solo / Kalavryta, Greece (2004)

SCHULTZ Arlan (Canada)
Entwirrung for solo flute / Sopot, Poland (2014)

SIMAKU Thomas (Albania/UK)
Soliloquy V (b) for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2012)

SKOURIS Gerasimos (Greece)
Second Creation for flute, oboe and bassoon/ Delphi, Greece (2012)

SYKIAS Dimitri (Greece)
Antigone for flute solo / Gdansk Academy of Music, Poland (1994)
Concertino for flute and string orchestra / Athens, Greece (1996)
DWA for two flutes / Lamia, Greece (1996)
TRZY for flute, cello and piano / Lamia, Greece (1996)
G for flute and clarinet / Athens, Greece (2001)
Flute Sonata / LSU, USA (2002)
VT  for flute and string orchestra / Athens, Greece (2002)
AIR for flute(s) / Athens, Greece (2005)
Fantasia for flute and clarinet / Athens, Greece (2005)
Aethra for flute and cello / Athens, Greece (2006)
It from Bit for flute(s) and CD track / Athens, Greece (2010)
Sonata for flute(s) and piano / Warsaw, Poland (2010)
Fantasy on Hijo de La Luna for alto flute solo / Athens, Greece (2011)
far into... for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2012)
Selana for solo flute / Argostoli, Greece (2012)
L'ouvre au Noir for mezzo soprano and eight flutes / Athens, Greece (2013)

TEGERMENTZIDES Christoforos (Greece)
Flute Dipane Sonata / Athens, Greece (2006)

THEMELIS Dimitris (Greece)
Concertino for flute and string orchestra / Athens, Greece (2002)
Fantasy for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2006)

THEODOSIOU Panagiotis (Greece)
Litany for solo alto flute / Athens, Greece (2016)

TIUTIUNNIK Katia (Australia)
Una Notte Sacra for bass flute solo / Torun, Poland (2015)

TRAVLOS Michail (Greece)
The Castle of Kwidzyn for solo alto flute / Drama, Greece (2013)
Progressions for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2014)
Forest bird Arias for amplified flute and video art / Athens, Greece (2014)
Three moods for flute and string trio / Athens, Greece (2014)
Sea ballades for alto flute and piano / Athens, Greece (2014)
Duetti for flute and piano / Athens, Greece (2014)
Duetti for flute and guitar / Athens, Greece (2016)
Jazz Parodies for flute, violin, piano  / Sopot, Poland (2016)
Duetti for flute and harpsichors/ Warsaw, Poland (2016)

TSEFOS Apostolos (Greece)
Out of Time for flute solo / Lacko, Poland (2016)

TYREAS Spyros (Greece)
34 (in progress) for flute solo / Kalavryta, Greece (2004)

VALLET Iossif (Greece)
Miniatures for flute and piano / Athens, Greece (2007)
Variations for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2015)

VASMARIS Dimitris (Greece)
Verbatim for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2013)
Seven variations for flute and piano / Athens, Greece (2014)

Prosody  for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2016

VENTOURAS Pavlos (Greece)
Flights for flute and harpsichord / Athens, Greece (2005)
Whistles for solo piccolo / Athens, Greece (2015)

VLAHOU Eirini (Greece)
Variations for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2006)

WESTERLINKCK Wilfried (Belgium)
Aquarel III for solo alto flute / Athens, Greece (2012)

WILKS Kenneth (USA)
Clouded Memories for flute solo/ Athens, Greece (2002)

ZERVAS Athanasios (Greece)
Goldinsilv for flute solo / LSU, USA (2002)
Two Episodes for flute solo / Athens, Greece (2002)
Rain Euphoria for flute(s) and tape / Thessalonica, Greece (2003)
For flute and piano/ Athens, Greece (2013)

ZIEMOWIT-ZYCH Wojciech (Poland)
The derivative for amplified flute and piano / Cracow, Poland (2016)